Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kya Karein Kya Na Karein

What will I do now,
That I have a two month off…

I might not go home,
I might have to stay here alone,
But that option might not have so brightly shone,
had the battle been already won.

Or I might just get some games,
And then when I get rejected for job again ,
I make an excuse so lame ,
That I failed coz I was playing games.

Or then , I might just go home ,
Have a fish fry and them some ,
And then wonder,
Home rhymes with foam
Some rhymes with hum
But home spells like hum
But some doesn’t even spell like foam
And then some rhymes with come
And come spells like some
And come rhymes like some too.
And then give up,
Like the reader might have already .
And think that whoever invented English ,
might have been a bastard and shady.

Or I might just stay here,
Lonely strolling through lonely corridors .
When those who are left ,
Talk to their girlfriends,
Or they study for placements,
Or they watch some good movies and some shady ones ,
Behind their closed doors.

Or then plan a trip with my friends,
Ask my parents , reason with them ,
So that they might not refuse.
And then argue with friends,
Hullabaloo to decide  ,
That one so usually makes.
And then suddenly pullout,
Making one of the silliest of excuses.
Why?? I know not, for my thought process is so complex.

Or I might go and stand against a mirror,
And try to simulate an interview,
Think what I did wrong earlier,
And try to think of a strategy which might be new.
And then again having been rejected,
Sometimes expected and sometimes out of the blue.
Trying to hide fear in heart and tears in eyes,
Trying to be nonchalant but deep inside dejected,
And ponder for hours , that now what to do ??

And then finally think to show off
Like going to an interview late
And then saying ,
“Sorry Sir, I am a bit of a procrastinate .”
But then realising that the usage may be wrong ,
And then simply saying,
“ Sorry Sir, I am a bit late.”
But not realising that my idiocy
Might have already sealed my fate .

Or I might go home after all ,
Listen to my Dad’s call.
Think of a higher prospective maybe
Though that path might be a bit risky
Hope that I am made for this any way ,
Lets try , who knows it might turn out to be little difficult than a child’s play .
Live in a fool’s world as they say.
But still try to take a hugely crowded but least successful way.

Or two months hence ,
I might be still sitting on the fence.
Who knows still trying to complete this poem
Trying to form thoughts of mind , through my hearts lens.
 But ,  who knows, I might be still waiting
For time, people or placements…