Tuesday, June 12, 2012

55 word Story , Theme "Bittersweet"

WOW!! For once, she has asked me out. To a discotheque.

Shit!!! I have never danced before. I don’t want anyone to see me dance, least of all her.

But wow!!! 

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Calvin & Hobbes & Mario

(Disclaimer:- If somehow an alien is reading this post and knows nothing about original Calvin & Hobbes, then Calvin is a hyper-active and hyper-intelligent boy with a stuffed tiger which for Calvin is a live tiger with which he can converse. And Mario is a video game character. However the original three only have referential relation to my story. ) 

The parents named him Calvin. They wanted him to be like Calvin from that comic strip. So the boy demanded a Hobbes, the talking tiger. The parents got him a stuffed tiger. But they forgot that the boy demanded a Hobbes, not a stuffed tiger.

The parents bought a parrot as well. They named him “Mario”. They hoped that they will teach it to make those sounds like that Mario , from that “Save the Princess” game. But it was as much a game character which made sounds when fed coins as that stuffed tiger was Hobbes or their kid was Calvin.


"Mom, this tiger is no Hobbes.”
“Why, Calvin?”
“It doesn’t speak anything.”
“Oh really!! But then kiddo, you hardly say anything like Calvin either.”
Calvin felt bad. Or it looked like he felt bad. He possibly felt confused, a sort of identity crisis. His mother consoled him, “Just joking Calvin. You are my precious.” She hissed, “Hey Mario. Click, Click.”

Mario didn't respond. Neither did Calvin. 


“Calvin, this is the third consecutive morning I have found your stuffed tiger in Mario’s cage.”
“Will you please explain?”
“I thought if Mario and Hobbes live together, they might learn to talk with each other.”
“Hobbes is a goddamn stuffed tiger, Calvin. He will never speak.”
"But isn't Mario also a simple parrot ?"

“What is this smell Calvin?”
“Err... I tried to make Hobbes speak.”
“There was no electricity. So, I lit a candle and put it near Mario’s cage. It never speaks, but it started shouting. I thought Hobbes will do the same if I do that to him. But I wanted Hobbes to talk, a lot, not shout. So, I put him in the gas burner. But, he died.”
“Oh My God!!!! Oh My God!!!! What am I going to do with this kid?”
“Erm... Mom , why don’t you try the same with Mario?? He at least shouted. Hobbes didn’t even do that. 

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

55 word story Theme "Elegance"

The soldier who lost his head with an elegant sway of the blade.
The rat which was eaten by an eagle, elegantly swooping down from great heights upon his rat hole.  
The biker who lost his life while elegantly swerving through the highway traffic. 
Wish, they knew that “elegant” was used to define their deaths.