Wednesday, May 30, 2012

55 word story. Theme "Survival"

The theme is Survival and the story is

The fish was so small that she could fit into the One ring- made by Sauron himself. For two years, she enticed the fishermen to different parts of lake, got her folks caught and was visible only when it suited her till only she was left. The smallest fish had survived without turning into a Gollum. 

55 word story Theme "Streets"

The story is as follows

The movie Break ke Baad was boring, but everytime  Deepika Padukone talked to those poor kids lowering the windows of her Beetle , calling them by their names, I  felt awww….so sweet!!! Getting home, at a traffic intersection I saw some kids running towards my car. 
“Abey, sheeshe upar kar. Nahi to paka daalenge ye.”

Ok, the story is banal, cliched, bland and boring. But this is what I wrote. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

55 word story, Theme "Narcissism"

Me, “Hey, come here”

Sister, “Hey, come here”

“Don’t start that game again”

“Don’t start that game again.”

“I am the best”

“I am the best”.

“I am an idiot.”

“Yes, you are an idiot.”

“Haha, I won.”

“Haha, I won”.

“I am the best.”

“I am the best +1”

“I am the best infinity+1.”

55 word story . Theme "Prison"

Grindelwald smiled as he walked into the muggle prison.

In last 24 hours he had managed to kill 17 muggles, got burnt by the muggle authorities, tickled his way out of fire, was handed over to wizard inspectors  and confounded them to believe that he was actually a muggle.

In 24 hrs, he will smile again.

Monday, May 21, 2012

55 word story , Theme "Redemption"

The theme is Redemption, and the story is ,

He felt an extraordinary juvenile calmness. The childhood returned to him which was robbed by this man who sexually abused him on his 10th birthday. Shortly, police will be arriving. He didn’t feel like hiring a lawyer. Didn’t want to spoil it, for what he saw as redemption, was revenge in the eyes of law.

Friday, May 18, 2012

55 word stroy, Theme "Skin"

The theme is "Skin", and the story is

Bit by bit, he skinned it. His eyes glinting, he gouged out its eyes. His stomach churning, he pried open its torso. His testosterone level rising, he mutilated it. It was only a dead pig. But for the teen, who grew up to be Dr Hannibal Lecter, it was not only a dead pig.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

55 word story , Theme ,"Appetite"

The story is as follows

Question, “Will you turn cannibal at gunpoint?”
Some answers..
“If I get to eat the person holding the gun, I might.”
“ Go Away.. Where is Nirmal Baba?”
“Will I get free beer with it?”
“You dear come to my house at night with this question. And get some fava beans and a nice chianti.”

Just tipping my hat to one of the best, no the best film I have ever seen. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

55 word story , Theme "Adultery"

The theme is "Adultery" and I wrote two stories. They are as follows

The rat came out of one hole and went into another. Two minutes later, he repeated the process. From Discovery channel, the kid knew that it was going into different holes to mate with different females.  Watching live,  he found it  intriguing. He returned to party to find his father flirting with another lady. The world felt normal.

You cheated on me”

“No I didn’t”.
“These pictures are proof that you slept with your secretary”. 

“Yes, but I only love you, not her.”

“How does it matter?”

“Well, Draupadi slept with 5 pandavas, though she loved only Arjun. Now still

 didn’t we name our daughter Panchali?"

55 word story , Theme "Perception"

Theme is perception, and the story is ,

 How do you differentiate between an Indian and a foreigner at a cultural function organised by a multinational company for its employees?
The forigners reach the venue when the event is scheduled. And Indians reach the venue when the event starts . And being in India, there is a two hour difference between the two .

Monday, May 14, 2012

55 word story theme "Hedonism"

The theme is "Hedonism" and the story is

Hedonism . Sometimes thy name is Vatsyayana and sometimes Mamata Banerjee. 

55 word story theme "Disdain"

The theme is disdain and the story is as follows

The ant scrutinized the sugar-speck dropped by the boy for her.  Too heavy, she thought and  moved on, oblivious to the kid’s intentions. Disappointed, confused and then enraged over what he perceived as disdain for his gift, he decided, justice must be done. Filing himself with disdain, he jumped on the “culprit” once, twice and then thrice to ensure the finality of retribution. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

55 word story theme "Maps"

The 55word story blog came to its end yesterday. So I have dug up their old themes and wrote stories on it. Today's theme is "Map" and the story is

The information it was carrying was vital. To call the police. But something was wrong. The legs- if present- were not moving. The brain-if present- was asphyxiated and the map ,forgotten. The eyes- if present- were going dim. Sorry. So said the neuron and died. 

About 90 seconds back, a bullet had fatally pierced the heart.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

55 word story . Theme "Distance"

The theme is "Distance" and the story is as follows

"IM said F**K OFF to e-mails. E-mails said so to speed posts. Speed posts to postcards. Postcards to messengers and messengers said this to pigeons. Pigeons could have said f**k off to smoke signals, but they didn’t. They were nice people, you see."

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

55 word story , Theme "Possession"

The theme is "Possession" and my story is as follows

The 15-year possessed girl had already consumed a throbbing live heart and a pint of blood of another guy and was hungry for more. Severely drugged by the superstitious  devotees, he awaited her claws when amid chants, he heard a terrifying voice, “Bastard faggot is impure. Get me another”.

So the world now knew his secret. But he was alive. Happy or sad, he couldn’t decide. 

Monday, May 07, 2012

55 word story Theme- "Fight"

The theme is "Fight" and the story is as follows

He was killed. 
He was killed because he talked and thus broke Rule no 1 and Rule no 2.

And a high five to all those who understood it. I hope all those who read do. 

55 word story , Theme - "Taste"

The theme is "Taste" and the story is as follows

I was drawn to the bright red apples at the grocery. The shopkeeper claimed that they were imported from New Zealand. Each had a sticker on them to vouch for their quality. I casually took one of them and looked closely and the sticker shouted at me, "OK. TASTED".

Friday, May 04, 2012

55 word story, Theme "Irony"

The theme is irony and the story is as follows

The nuclear bomb destroyed  Loki’s army alright, but he landed on another planet. Paralysed neck down and thinking of a way out, some kids came near him and inspected him.
“Let’s make him into a toy. Looks irony enough.”
“Irony!! Bah.”  So thought Iron Man and started waiting for Hulk to come and rescue him.