Thursday, May 06, 2010

How Did She Let Go of This??

These are the lyrics of the song “ Tainu Tv Par” from LSD. Please keep the part in bold in your mind as you go through the post.

Tainu Tv Per Wekhya
Hai Main Tujpe Marr Jawa) - 2
Mujhse Shaadi Karle Aa 
Chad De Laaj Sharam Parda
Tainu TV Tainu Tv

Sabnu Kiss kardi firdi ae,
Saddi Jaan tarasdi hai,
Mainu bhi famous karde,
TV pe tu kiss kar de.
O kudiye Gal man le meri, 
Mera makeup hai ready,
O Eligible bachelor 
Kar le mera Swayanmvar.
Tainu TV tv tv tv
 Ban ja biwi biwi biwi,

Tainu Tv Per Wekhya
Hai Main Tujpe Marr Jawa) - 2
Mujhse Shaadi Karle Aa 
Chad De Laaj Sharam Parda
(Tainu Tv) - 2, Tainu Tv Per Wekhya

Maine murder hain kiye,
channel par tere liye, 
Daal le aag mein thodi ghee, 
Ban jaye controversy.
Tainu Tv Tv Tainu Tv Tv

Fir hum maal kamayenge
Ek bangla banwayenge,
usme 2600 Tv , 
banaye show reality,
Tainu Tv Tv Tv
Phir tu star main bhi star, 
Lokhi dekhan barambar
Saare desh badal ke vesh 
Khatri Remote Paunda Bhangra 
Tv Tv Tv Ban Ja Biwi Biwi Biwi
Tainu Tv par dekha…..

                                        Ring  a bell?? Did it ? No?? Now read only the 
bold portions. Still nothing?? Ok. So I saw you on T.V and I liked you a lot. 
Please marry me without any inhibitions which you obviously have none of. 
 You kissed everyone . So please kiss me on T.V and we will create a 
controversy out of it. I am also an eligible bachelor . So please choose me in 
your swayamvar and become my wife. And then we will celebrate our marriage by pouring ghee in the fire and create another controversy out of it.  And if 
that does not work, we will then have a big house built in which there will be 
cameras in every nook and corner and we will make a reality show out of it by playing Big Boss- Big Boss inside it. Then surely we will have enough muck on our hands . Even Mikka will look up to us then. We will change the television 
viewing topography in our country. 

Still did not get anything? Welcome Mr. Ishaan aka Darsheel on my blog. 
Thanks for visiting. So are you the one she is waiting for?

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arshat.chaudhary said...

hehe.. very interesting I must say :)

sumit Das said...

@ Wow , look who visited.
Thanks a lot Arshat. And keep visiting,it is a big boost :D

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hehe... nice sarcastic take! :) Is that an original song btw? :-w

sumit Das said...

@ Akansha,
Now that is why she missed it. People do not know that such a song exists. It is from LSD, which was anyway watched by few people. And the song came only after the end credits in movie. So that is an original song, but from Dibakar Banerjee, director and lyricist of LSD that is. I was really surprised that she missed this golden chance to storm back into public minds.
And BTW reaaly thanks for visiting and commenting. Keep visiting:D

Akansha Agrawal said...

I was really surprised that she missed this golden chance to storm back into public minds.

She=? :-s

Yeah, haven't seen the movie yet... :( Couldn't have gone with family for obvious reasons, and unable to convince any friend to... will have to download and see... :-w

My pleasure :)

sumit Das said...

High chances that Rakhi Sawant will ever visit my blog. So really, yes, she has missed that "golden" chance per se.:P
And if you have not watched LSD, please watch it and do yourself a favour. One of the most shocking, entertaining and dare I say beautiful movie to come out in recent times from a brilliant director. Will surely like it if you are not deterred by profanities and hard hitting scenes. And yes, do not dare to take your family along. I was about to do a review of it here, but I was lost for words.And yes, wait for the movie to end, last song and the one after that included .

SATYABH said...

ooye das...kamine...publicity stunt maar raha hai ...LSD se.......sharam kar.....

SATYABH said... was a nice take...

sumit Das said...

LSD waalon ko itna karne mein sharam nahi aayi, main kyun karoon? :D
Waise thanks yaar.....