Monday, January 28, 2013

Bollywood Quiz at kweezzz

Lately, I have been hosting some quizzes on Twitter quiz handle which goes by the name @kweezzz. Last week I had two quizzes- one General quiz and another Bollywood quiz. Frankly I copied questions from all over internet for general quiz so I see no point in posting it here.(But will still do so later anyway to assuage my attention seeking disorder).

So here are the questions with the answers of the Bollywood quiz.

Try Question (Just like bachpan mein pahli ball par out ho jao to use Try Ball bolte the.)

Q.  Who was the first girl from Kapoor Khaandan to have a Bollywood debut? Which film?

Now on to the real thing..

1. What is the contribution of the following film to Bollywood? 

2. Munaf Patel has a nickname which he has been given after this film. Which film? 

3. What is this a top 10 list of ?

1. 3 Idiots
2.  My Name is Khan
3.  Don 2
4.  Kabhi Alvida Na Kahna 
5.  Ek Tha Tiger
6. Om Shanti Om
7.  Ra One
8. Dhoom 2
9.  Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
10.  Veer Zara

4. What has been shaded out in red in this picture? 

5. Name all the films in which Dileep Kumar played a Muslim character.

6. Who is this person? Why is the picture crossed or marked with a X?

7. There is something very unique about this film. What?

8. Embedded below is an audio clip. There are two voices in it. I want you to identify both the voices.

9. Connect. 

10. Connect 

11. Again, connect the following images.. 
Hint:- That Amitabh has acted in all of them is not the connect. :P

12. Below is a map of India in which I have placed some red dots. I want you to connect these red dots. 
Click on the image for a larger picture which will be needed to answer the question. I might not be very accurate with some dots as the map is not so detailed. 
P.S- This question went unanswered in online Kweezzz/ 

13. Connect.. 

These were the questions. Please give a sincere try before hopping to the answers which follow:


The answer of the try question is that the first girl to debut from Kapoor Khaandaan was not Karishma Kapoor but Sanjana Kapoor- daughter of Shashi Kapoor in the film 36 Chowringhee Lane. She later played the main actress in Hero Hiralal. 

1. This poster of the movie inspired the Dev D poster. The original poster is as shown below. 

2. Lagaan Bhai. 

3. This is a top 10 list of highest overseas grossers from Bollywood. 

4. Kisna- The Warrior Poet. 

5. Dileep Kumar played a Muslim character in only one film which was of course Mughal-e-Azam. 

6. The guy is Maya Dolas. He was played by Vivek Oberoi in Shootout at Lokhandwala. The picture is crossed to indicate that he has been eliminated. 

7. This is the only film ever in which Bertrand Russel played a cameo.

8. The two voices are of Sneha Khanwalkar and of Durga who sang Dil Cheecha leather in GOW2. 

9. The connect is that Govinda has acted in the Bollywood remakes of all these movies. 

In clockwise order :-

40 year Old Virgin- Naughty @40.
My Cousin Vinny- Banda Ye Bindaas Hai. 
Strangers on a train- Chalo Ishq Ladaye. 
Bawarchi- Hero No 1
Liar Liar- Kyunki Main Jhooth Nahi Bolta.
Hitch- Partner. 

Of all these, Banda ye Bindaas hai is yet to release. 

10. The connection is that all these films featured child debut by actors who later became stars. Dharam Veer had Bobby Deol, Kismet had Mehmood, Reshma aur Shera had Sanjay Dutt and Shree 420 had all the sons of Raj Kapoor. 

11. The connect is not that Amitabh Bachhan played a writer in all these films. AB didn't play a writer in Manzil. The connect is that all these are the names of books written by Amitabh in various films. He wrote Anand in Anand, Baghban in Baghban, Kabhi Kabhi in Kabhi Kabhie and he wrote a book called Manzil in movie Ek Nazar.

12. This question went unanswered in the online kweezzz. The answer is in the image below

Kuch Yaad Aaya?? Yes, the answer is that places marked in red are the places in the rap song Rail Gaadi sung by Ashok Kumar  from movie Aashirwaad. 

13. The connect is that they all have played Draupadi at different points. 

Frankly quiz ke baad bahut gaaliyaan padi thi. If you also have some sweet words to say, leave them in the comments box. Till then, Picture abhi baaki hai dost....

Monday, January 14, 2013

Let me ..

Let me be a bit rude to you,
At least I get your attention that way.

Let me misunderstand you a bit,
If only to leverage all the efforts I made to understand you.

Let me be wrong. At times, horribly wrong,
Otherwise what will we be left to talk about?

Let me be imperfect,
Because possibly you like correcting me.
And I like you correcting me even more.

Let me abuse you a bit,
Because it is fucking tough to be sad without any swearing.

Let me miss you a bit,
So that I can understand how it feels when one of us is gone.

Let me be a bit bitter,
Because for all that understanding and the hoopla around it,
I still miss you.

Let me be a bit insulting, a bit inconsiderate,
Because I will rather be genuine than be courteous.

Let me shout at you a bit,
Even though I hate being shouted at.
Because in a crowd, you become deaf to my voice.

Let me try hard to hold on to you,
Because I am scared of all the other threads gradually attaching themselves to you.

Let me remain stupid,
Because I am afraid of being heartless.

Let me be irritating,
Because I will prefer to use the energy in being conscious about myself in talking to you instead.

Let me rest assured that you understand me,
Because it gives me the freedom to open up to you and be rude to you.
Let me be rude to you.


Let me be me,
Because I am all yours.
The person you would rather me be, might not be so.