Wednesday, June 10, 2015

On popular demand.. I finally resigned!!

(So I recently resigned from the job and as all newly jobless people do, I too wrote a farewell email. Trust me, it made me more popular in the company than I could ever become in the four years preceding that. Just in case I am getting carried away, it probably was just an indictment of the pathetic work I did there and nothing more. Nevertheless, since there is nothing confidential in it, I am posting it here. So, there.. ) 

Respected Sirs and Madams,

Some of you know that it is my last day today.

And now that all of you know this, I hope you are relieved and will remember me by this final act of making you happy.

As much as I would like to say that I am leaving for personal and professional challenges, reality is that I am an utter failure at managing finances and am presently rather broke. So the choices for future were between getting married, for which my Dad would have paid or going for higher education for which the bank will pay. Considering interest, mortgages etc the latter seems a much cheaper option at present.

It has been four years, five departments and learnings and lessons which cannot be measured by numbers. Hopefully I also managed to give something back to the company but the truth is I (with 3 others) was hired as a GET and company has stopped hiring GETs ever since. So please send me happy mails about how I made myself useful here. In the dark days ahead, they will be much helpful. Advanced apologies to all those college students who would have stood a chance if it were not for us.

Special thanks to Alok Sir for getting me to this place, for being my first boss and being the answer to password security question at multiple places; Sarsij Sir for endlessly bearing with my silly questions ; Rao Sir for giving me a chance to work in an entirely different setup which was most fulfilling and Neeraj Sir from whom I have learnt so many things about being an efficient manager. Also thank you for the coffee, biscuits, unlimited soft drinks (from 2011-2013), for the gate punching system which kept no record of entry and leaving timings and the IT department which didn’t block Facebook.

But above all I will ever remain thankful for the love and affection showered on me here. The receding hairline notwithstanding, I have been “The Kid” here. That was a privilege. A privilege, I am unlikely to get anywhere else in my lifetime.

So, again, thank you all for everything. First companies are like first crushes. Everywhere I go, I will carry a bit of this place with me.

So keep in touch. As long as you do, we can keep playing these four years again and again.

Did you see I invented the time machine here? Where is my Nobel prize now?

Please use the details below for bouquets, brickbats, wedding invitations, wedding proposals, visa applications etc.

Your colleague for the next couple of hours
Sumit Kr Das