Wednesday, May 16, 2012

55 word story , Theme "Adultery"

The theme is "Adultery" and I wrote two stories. They are as follows

The rat came out of one hole and went into another. Two minutes later, he repeated the process. From Discovery channel, the kid knew that it was going into different holes to mate with different females.  Watching live,  he found it  intriguing. He returned to party to find his father flirting with another lady. The world felt normal.

You cheated on me”

“No I didn’t”.
“These pictures are proof that you slept with your secretary”. 

“Yes, but I only love you, not her.”

“How does it matter?”

“Well, Draupadi slept with 5 pandavas, though she loved only Arjun. Now still

 didn’t we name our daughter Panchali?"

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