Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Ruminations

I don’t want to die,
But there are some wrongs to be mended,
To give some remedies for lies,
So will have to die.

I don’t want to live,
But there are some “hows” and “whys” to find,
Lot of masks to be perceived,
Lots of hearts to be broken,
Lots of emotions to be weaved,
Lots of faces to sieve,
So I will have to live.

I don’t want to have any friend,
But it amazes me that how it rhymes with
Both “mend” and “end”
I want to keep being amazed,
Have one end sharp of the blade,
Have a cut when I take a wrong bend,
So I will have to have friends .

I do not want to look inside,
Lest there is a big void,
Emptiness within,
Full of nothing ,
But deceit and sin.
But the outside is big and wide,
Inside is empty and  narrow,
It gives me space to cower in my own burrow.
Outside asks questions ,
Inside some more,
But inside gives answers,
Sometimes  maleficent, sometimes vulgar,
And sometimes snide.
But answers still,
So I have to look inside.

Spitting this yarn ,
Gives me the question “Why?”
Maybe  I don’t want to die.
Maybe I want to live ,
Tell the tale
And grieve.
Maybe I want a friend .
For my woes,
Surely an ear he will lend.
But a talking mouth will not follow therafter,
Filled with a curse and laughter.
It will help me look inside,
Though the space is less, it will help me soar and glide.
And for a moment of shut eyes,
I will be at the top.
At the top,
From where everything looks so small,
Friends and foes,
Life and its woes
And that will be the end of all
Once and for all. 

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nikhil said...

kya ho gya sumit aisa, kal tak to acha bhala jawan ladka tha, kaise ho gya ye?