Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ghar Ki Baat

My father was recently transferred to a place called Hajipur. I visited my family recently during vacations. Now when you are at home and friends call you, there is a standard question which goes like," Kya Kar Raha hai?" . To which there is a standard answer, "  Kuch Nahi."

Most of the times the answer is true as all you do while you are home in holidays is laze around. But this time I lied to my friends. I actually did two things while I was there. One, I slept when there was the electric supply. And secondly, when there was none, I waited for it. And I was kept quite busy and wide awake, you know. They say the situation all over Bihar had been the same for quite some time. I just wonder what  timeframe the phrase “ for quite some time” exactly encompasses. A few days, a few weeks, a few months, or the time since electricity was invented? 

I also realised during my stay that a lot of Gods that we have might have been nothing but figment of imagination of the priests of bygone ages. I am not an atheist , but I feel that a lot of these Gods might have been borne because people just needed to have somebody to plead to for their own ills. For example , if you need rainfall , there is Indra. If you need wind, there is Varuna. If you need wealth, there is Goddess Lakshmi. This reasoning is also supported by the fact that there is no God for electricity. In several places , that is more important than rain or wind. If all God were true, there would have been a God for electricity supply as well. After all ,  it is sometimes a serious problem if you desperately need electricity supply and start wondering that which God you should pray to. Right, no?  Ok, Light aa gayi. Now I am going to sleep.

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