Friday, January 27, 2012

The Secret - A Replug

This was posted by me in March'2010 while I was in college. And then was written regarding the rather mundane matters of "mass bunking" of college class. And today in reference to  the Salman Rushdie episode, I just  found it fit to re plug it.

The majority thinks that it is the majority who do not want to attend the class. So the majority decide not to attend the classes. But it is actually the minority who convinces the majority that it is the majority who does not want to attend the classes since the majority have already conceded for the absence from classes, the majority should also follow the majority. But the majority who wants to attend the classes is told by the minority that since the majority do not want to attend the classes, they should not break the majority by attending the classes. The problem is that majority is major in numbers , but is always found in fragments and doesn’t ever get to know what the majority thinks. So the minority manages to convince the majority that the majority is not going to attend the classes because that is the will of the majority and if majority goes otherwise, it will break up the unity of the majority and then the majority will turn into a minority . So, the class is not held coz the majority thinks that the majority does not want to attend the classes, and in the end, the minority manages to prevent the class from being held. By the time the bluff is called , the class is well over and if they get time majority might have a serious thought of renaming themselves “herds” , but just then another class is to take place and minority again springs up.....
That is how we bunk our classes, and more. Confusing , but sadly, true.