Monday, July 23, 2012

TDKR , TDK and TDK...errrrr

(This post contains a lot of spoilers. Anyways, if you haven't watched The Dark Knight Rises yet, surely you have been doing something more worthwhile than reading this stupid post. So there.) 

A high five to you if you too think that BBC Sherlock’s one of the best dialogue , “Heroes don't exist, and if they did, I wouldn't be one of them.” was inspired from this quote from The Dark Knight, “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. If you even thought likewise, then you understand that that was the power of The Dark Knight.

It’s not future yet. But somehow I don’t see any dialogue or philosophy from The Dark Knight Rises, acquire such a cult status.

Now that I am privileged with hindsight, it somehow appears to me that the two other movies of this trilogy were made to complement The Dark Knight. That was certainly going to be the case with TDKR as it came later and what came earlier was nothing short of an epic, but even with The Batman Begins, it appears to me as if it was made so that we can understand Batman/Bruce Wayne and consequently Joker’s psyche better. Through The Batman Begins, Chris Nolan was preparing that solid ground on which he was going to construct the enduring philosophy called Dark Knight. The Dark Knight Returns brilliantly continues the Batman saga. About the philosophy, I am not entirely sure.

Frankly, for me the only sequence in the entire TDKR movie which could lay a genuine claim to be held in the same breath as TDK was the prison scenes. I felt something inside me churn when that doctor told Bruce Wayne to climb out like that girl did. Without the ropes. Now, sorry for digressing, but if you have watched Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, the adventure sport I liked best in it was Bull Racing. No trainers, no life saving equipments and No ropes. Facing the fear of death actually knowing you can die.  I have done Bungee Jumping. I thought that was the fear of death. But this scene made me realize that wasn’t. TDKR had this one scene of such realization. TDK on the other hand,  had many.

Finally, don’t get me wrong. You can literally meet millions of people out there who found hyper-hyped “The Avengers” ball-freezingly awesome. And the good movie that it still was, it doesn’t hold even a matchstick let alone a candle in front of The Dark Knight Rises. Yes, it is that good a movie. Just that The Dark Knight was more than a movie. That is where TDKR falls short. Rather, that is where it doesn’t go that big.

P.S – Frankly, The Dark Knight shouldn’t ever be compared to any superhero movie. It is not fair. On them.

P.P.S- So, my Nolan hierarchy has been modified to following.
The Prestige> The Dark Knight > The Batman Begins ≈ The Dark Knight Rises > Doodlebug >Inception>Following>Insomnia.

Yes, I haven’t seen Memento. Shoot me for that. But first go and shoot that person who recounted Memento scene by scene to me on one fateful night. (Said in Deewar style). 

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