Saturday, November 30, 2013

Swarocean- Kolnkini Radha

This folk song titled Kolonkini Radha (Sullied Radha) is from Bhawiayamusical form popular in Northern Bangladesh. The version presented here is sung by Abhijeet ‘Pota’ Burman. There are many other versions which can be found on YouTube but this is the one I like best.

I have always pictured this song as the perfect musical rendition of latter life of Radha. We have always had some beautiful songs about Radha during her times with Krishna like Radha Kaise Na Jale et al. But despite what the words might suggest, to me this song is about her life beyond that. I suppose it is to do with the noteworthy thehrav I find in the song which is my favorite element of it. The thehrav which I find synonymous with the vacuum Radha would have found in her life after Krishna left. Who knows, if around she might have sung this version during one of her schizophrenic delusions featuring Krishna. 

Maybe I am over-analyzing here, but of what use is a great song if it arouses no partisan feelings. 

(Recently I have put some posts on Quora blog Swarocean  which I am going to henceforth cross-post here. The blog is about songs which are not very well known but are rare accomplishments in their own rights. Unheard tunes, in different languages, but each make a sound which kick up a familiar feeling somewhere. That the world emanates from you.  That feeling of अहं ब्रह्मास्मिMusic, indeed knows no boundaries.  But close your eyes and feel that the music makes you limitless as well.) 

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