Thursday, August 27, 2009

Of Birds,Of Bees , Of Nabi's and OF T.Vs

Did your parents have a T.V. at home prior to nine months when you were born? If yes , then chances are that you do not exist. Wait, if you are harboring thoughts of flagging my blog for questioning your very existence. These are not my words, but were put in my mouth ,rather in my pen by this. A full page analysis on Sunday Times of India followed.

When I was in class IX, there used to be question in my syllabus which went like," What are the reasons for the growing population of India?". In answer, there used to be 9 reasons and on no.9 the reason given was," A lot of people in India being poor, do not have any other source of entertainment than sex." Why was it at no.9 intrigued me a lot. Either reasons no 1-8 were more important than this or else the government wanted us kids to believe that there were more important reasons(and causes) of so many children being produced other than sex. But, what intrigues me even more is that what makes the Health minister see the no.9 as a sudden no.1 ?

Well, if you ask me (which no body will actually do), the point should not have been no.9 anyways , for being slightly X-rated. A class IX student for sure knows the difference between a boy and a girl, and he is certainly not going to accuse a woman of having eaten a baby if she is 7 months pregnant!! But,in all fairness, suggesting across-the-glass tube entertainment as a substitute for sex is like telling someone to get a bypass for having an appendix pain. Why would you do it, for you can remove the damn thing. Likewise, the Health minister wants his folks to stop f****** around and watch " Rakhi Ka Swyamvar " instead of infusing the merits of small families in their minds. I wonder whether Rakhi Sawant will step out to please them. I wonder if somebody will object to the prospects of somebody like Rakhi coming out and....... I also wonder when a certain Mr. Mahesh Bhatt says that in naxal infested Chattisgarh , he saw people watching Star World,whether the state he is talking about is the one I know, the one in India? What were they watching Mr. Bhatt? A singer with a name similar to ours( Sanjay Malakar), in a show similar to ours( American Idol), crooning something like war cry??? Did it inspire them MR. Bhatt?
Yesterday, I was watching dostana , and a scene stuck in this context. It had John wearing a Tee that read " USE A CONDOM". Exactly tell your people to use a condom instead asking them to watch Rakhi sawant getting married or not. At least they are less likely to sue the govt for that. We tell them, to wear a condom to stop AIDS and other STDs. Come on, tell them to use it primarily to keep their family where they can give their kids hopes of a decent upbringing. We dole out free medicines for common cold to T.B. to cancer from our medical centres . It beats me as to why we can't start giving free condoms as well. A man earning Rs 50 a day is not likely to spend 5 of that to go to his wife with a rubber balloon, is it?
Secondly, you know that Kerala has the highest education rate in India? Do you know it also has the lowest birth rate as well that of 2.1 . The govt. might be blind enough to see that as a coincidence, but everyone is not the same. An educated man generally leads a better life than an uneducated one , unless the latter happens to be politician since it is easy for him to see that it will be easy for him to give his kids a good upbringing if he has a small family. (Unless he happens to be a certain politician).
And what about women empowerment? Urban women marry late and produce less children as they have the right to choose. A woman from the article in STOI says that it is a decision of her mother in law, husband, wife and of GOD of what contraceptive to use. Oh God.....he gave you a head and a mouth , do you expext him to shower you with Copper-T? From her, it can be scarcely expected that she will have the right to choose when to give birth?
Unless, these things are remedied, one can see the doled out T.V.s remain what they are - The Idiot Boxes. And the idiotic shows;almost all of them show huge families, the only thing that can happen is that people might be inspire to have likewise huge families;. So, govt, will also have to watch that what is being watched? Arduous, isn't ? Better attack the sick organ than go for a bypass.
A woman in Ghazipur said that, men have only two pastimes "Thurra aur Thukai". Unless, things change, inspite of free T.V. and Rakhi ka Swyamvar, the pastimes will hardly change.

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