Friday, August 28, 2009


"Excuse me, can I talk to you for a moment?"

" Yes, why?"

" Are you from second year?

"No. Third . Why?"

"Can I talk to you for a while?"


"What's your name?"

"Let it go. First tell me are you from this college?"

" Yes. Just took admission."

Eyes started glinting. Plams started itching. Steps started springing. Oh WOW!!!! A Fucchha.

Can I know your name please.?"

"Oye chadd yaar. Pahle apna intro de."

"That won't be needed. I have an offer for you."

" Oye chooran bechne nikla hai ke??? Intro de apna b****** . Saala salesman ki aulad."

"I am sure that won't be needed. I actually have a good offer for you."

" Abe chawanni chaap. Yahan kya mela laga hai ? Hum tujhe saa-bahoo serial dekhne waali aauntie nazar aate hain ? "

" First listen to my offer . It is a good one . After that I am sure there won't be any need for such talk either. After that I will do a you please."

"OK boy, go ahead with the whatever shit you have to say. After that we will show you our offer."

"Oye nahi yaar, he is a fucchha yaar. He has to listen to us not otherwise."

" Oh wait yaar, you had to buy a laptop isn't it. Kya pata uska baap laptop bechta ho."

"OK Go ahead."

" Ok thanks . My offer is going to save you around Rs 35000 each . "

" See, what I said . His father is a laptop dealer."

" But first, you will have to give me Rs 15000 each to get going."

" What ?? Why??"

" Well, you see the offer is simple. If you don't give me Rs15000 each, I will go to the hostel superintendent and will complain to him that this lot was ragging me and will force him to lodge a FIR. . As a result of which , you all will be expelled from college for 15 days, and also be fined Rs 50000 each as per new guidelines. So you see I am just trying to save you 35000 and also saving you from additional hassles. Rest is your wish. Shall I give an intro now?"


Farewell ragging or general introduction or sweet interacttion. Farewell those fresher parties . Farewll to comments like," What a new toat maal yaar/" . In short fairwell to juniors . See thee at the farewell party thou will probably give for thine seniors.

Welcome close circuit cameras. Welcome anti-ragging squad teachers . Welcome those gazes from them which reduce us to no more than chain-snatchers. Welcome those glances from fucchhas which mocks us or shock, God knows. And , welcome stories like above.


Akansha Agrawal said...

Hmmm... it does represent the present scenario extremely accurately... and you've quite clearly avoided taking a stand on it... and I too am in two minds about it... on one hand where it goes to the extremes, it will def help, but over all, I think this will simply result in very little interaction with snrs. and in coll, I believe, snrs are the only people with whom you really bond... apart from batchmates obv, profs don't really give a damn about you... and in such circumstances the entire "college-life" thingy will get a little less jazzy I suppose... or has already gotten actually... :|

sumit Das said...

thanks for visiting. We even had quite a few students approaching us to give intro and all, and surprisingly, we fled crying,"BHOOT, BHOOT." :)

Anonymous said...

"Wow!! Somebody Visited" LOL!
I don'y know much about ragging but heard some of my cousins that choti-moti ragging tho allowed honi chahiye...I have no opinions on ragging :/

sumit Das said...

Don't you worry dear, you will have a first hand opinion on it soon enough and a broader perspective in your second year.

Anonymous said...
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