Friday, April 24, 2009

Does it Matter?

Does it matter?
When I say yes and you say no,
I say come and you say go.
When I say let’s be friends,
And you say,
“You don’t matter.”
Does it really matter?

Does it matter?
That when life seems so long ,
And I asked you to come along.
With all those nice words you say to me ,
These words were also among,
“Your happiness?
It doesn’t matter.”
Does it really matter then?

Does it matter?
When time will take a funny turn,
After being through every person in the line,
At last you will see my face and learn ,
At the end of line,
I have been there all along,
Through your troubles and through mine.
Possibly, you will finally say,” You did matter , my friend.”
But then I fear dear,
Will all this actually matter then?

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