Friday, April 24, 2009

My first post . Hmmmmm......
Reminds me of a lot of Sachin coming out to bat and Gavaskar on air reminding everybody who cared to listen that the first run is the most important.And...........ok let it be, I won't bore myself by flinging such nasty comparisons anymore.
Though the vacuum before that can be quite numbing. Heavily pregnant with endless possibilities. What will one think after reading this? But wait a second, who will care to read it? But wait, wait, before that , how will anybody come to know that anything like this even exists on blogosphere( is that the term? Quite tacky eh....) . But wait,wait,wait.... I got tired of waiting and decided to take the plunge( here I am getting tacky) .Guess the desire to see my name in print outdid me . And also I thought that first I will write for myself, then for anybody else. So what if it's only me who sees it. The last time I saw my name printed was on something called marksheet and it was not a good expereince to say the least(as if they ever are) . Hope this might be better.

But first i would like to extend some acknowledgments and condolences. Thanks to my friend Sayan from whose Blog I copied my URL , though in a badly remixed version, and sorry that I did it without your permission. And next, thanks to Mr. Karl Marx from whose book i borrowed the name of my blog in an even more badly remixed version. And sorry Mr. Marx, I couldn't ask for your permission as dead people hardly fall in the category having the qualification to grant any permission whatsoever. Though I am secretly afraid that that his soul might be thinking of dying all over again on seeing the first name of his magnum opus and "CAPITAL" pronounced together. I tried to post a condolence note to Mr. Prakash Karat though(karl nahi to karat hi sahi) .
I hope Sayan won't kill me .......we have had enough of HEAD banging already. Anyway his sutta and chaska blog was only ever visited by the only girl who is his friend , boyfriend and his girlfriend(take that in any order you wish) . And i really hope that Mr. Karat doesn't retaliate by sending the staff asso. in my college to strike....not that it would make much of a difference though. And last but not the least , actually should have mentioned it first, but my deep condolences to english grammar and language more often than not ,whose murder will be committed and celebrated on my blog.


Anonymous said...

quite interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

Anonymous said...
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