Saturday, April 25, 2009

Raja Ki Aayi Hai Baraat

Kings XI , Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers, everybody is a raja these days, even those who might not have the name tag to proclaim. KKR have the maharja and the king of bollywood rolled into one, Delhi have their own nawab of najafgarh to flaunt and Mumbai has always had sach a prince. The only one, sans any royal blood, Deccan Chargers(huh...) were quite aptly beaten black and blue to the last place in the inaugural edition. Raja se panga!!!! Huh.... And that too with so many of them being around!!!! Wonder what Dukey Banna was crying himself hoarse over in Gulal?? Rajputana?? Welcome to India.
Bloody game..... has a bloody habit of biting you in the wrong places. Otherwise Rajasthan who should have called themselves zamindars in he first place, would have been demoted to being dewans , and a certain test team( I love Dravid though) the good times would have been a reality rather than a mere tagline. IPL2 might be a little different though. After all Dukey Banna wanted a Rajputanaa out of India. South Frica might be a little trickier. NRIPL might turn into Non- Raja IPL soon enough. Now, now the closest thing SA have had to do with royalty have been with an angrez mahrani . Raja????? What's that? A mere sidekick for South Africans . Early indicators seem sure enough- Deccan , Delhi and Mumbai ; the teams sans any royal calling have called early trumps and princes are fast turning into paupers . Dukey Banna!!! Welcome to South Africa. Welcome to non-rajsi honeymoon abroad. Rajputanaa can wait for IPL3.
For now, let the praja have some fun.


arshat.chaudhary said...

nice style you got! :)
Very innovative way of thinking..

Anonymous said...

but at last raja sab haar gaye....and the un-raja deccan chagers won! :-)
didnt know u were blogging!