Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Why I have never had a girlfriend

Yesterday I was strolling around the campus with my friend when he got a message from his girlfriend. It went thus,

Santa went to his girlfriend's father to ask for marriage between her and him.
Her father was a Sardar and he replied with a lot of pride," Oye, tu meri beti se shaadi karega. Tujhe pata hai, jitni teri monthly salary hai, itne mein to uska toilet paper bhi nahi aayega. Tu shaadi karega??"

Santa replied calmly," Je inni ta*ti kardi hai wo, fir to rahne hi do."

My friend asked me what to reply to this. I advised to reply," Tera baap sardaar hai kya?"

Well, he followed suit. A couple of hours later, there were two more additions to my kind of people in the world i.e. singles.

That is why................

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Nivesh Jain said...

Was this fictitious (as I expect) or could you please share the identity of the new additions to "your" world :P